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Logos Paideia Course Offerings

Sophia School is affiliated with Logos Paideia (, a Christian online educational platform. Logos Paideia is the host of the Philosophy and Religious Studies courses that will be offered to Sophia students.

Courses will be offered online during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters and will be 8-week terms. For example, you may take one course the first 8-week term of the Fall semester and another course the second 8-week term of the Fall semester. The same goes for the Spring semester. There will only be one 8-week session during the Summer.

Logos Paideia will launch its first term on March 15, 2021, which technically is the second 8-week term for Spring semester. Introduction to Philosophy is offered by Dr. Owen Anderson, and Introduction to Logic is offered by Dr. Kelly Burton. The Introduction to Logic course is a Sophia School core course.

All Sophia School students are encouraged to take the core courses, which are the foundational philosophical teachings of the school. Each of the core courses will be added as we begin new terms so that by the end of 2022, all core courses will be offered to Sophia students.

When a student completes the core courses, she will receive a certificate of completion. This is level one of the foundational studies. The second level of the foundation includes the Biblical Worldview. The third level of the foundation includes the Historic Christian teachings. More information about the foundational studies are to come. For now, Sophia School will begin with the philosophical foundation through the core courses.

Core courses include:

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Logic

Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy of Religion

World Religions

Introduction to Christianity

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