Intellectual and Spiritual Community

Sophia began with the goal of training ladies in the intellectual and spiritual life. We welcome Christian ladies of all ages who desire intellectual and spiritual discipleship in the context of a community of like-minded sisters.

"Sophia" is the Greek word for wisdom. It is part of the root of "philosophy", which means "love of wisdom." The goal of Sophia School is the pursuit of wisdom, wherever it may be found. 

Sophia School encourages ladies to develop the use of reason and logic, critical thinking, and quality communication skills. These values contrast to the skeptical, emotional, and romantic philosophies that our culture promotes, especially for women. We emphasize the primacy of the intellect - that our thinking should lead our emotions and actions - and the benefits and blessings that flow from being able to listen, consider, and process philosophies and experiences from a Biblical worldview based on reason rather than emotion. 

If these are your interests and values, we invite you to join us. 

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